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A 5,000Ha area of native forest that adjoins Wellington Park’s western & south-western boundaries is under threat from logging by Forestry Tasmania. Several hundred hectares are scheduled for clearfelling under Forestry Tasmania’s 3-year plan, beginning July 2010. Apart from some informal reserves, the remainder of the area is also divided into coupes of around 60Ha each...  Forestry Tasmania’s planners admit that all timber worth logging will be taken out of the region over the coming years...

The mountains to the west of Mt Wellington have been a favourite recreation spot for generations of both Tasmanians and tourists. West Wellington is an undisturbed spread of native forest, home to many endemic species. Much of the area was burnt in the 1967 fires and so is considered regrowth forest, but this does not mean it is only worth the price of its wholesale logs. Regularly receiving winter snowfalls, it is a sub-alpine environment rich in diversity and habitat, similar to the adjacent Wellington Park...

Wellington Park was established to protect both the natural values of the area and the safety of water supplies to the greater Hobart region. West Wellington provides the headwaters for the water catchments of Judbury, Lucaston and Crabtree, but there is no forest reserve set aside to protect these catchments...

Concerned residents from villages and townships local to the proposed logging have recently set up the West Wellington Protection Group to oppose the action by Forestry Tasmania. We welcome new members, new ideas and volunteers to help in the huge task ahead of us. Please join our mailing list: fill in the contact us form or e-mail

We rely on "on the ground support" and . The smallest amount is helpful - thank you for your support. In addition you can help by lobbying agencies and making public your opposition to the logging....

Also, please visit our to check out all our friends.



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