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Concerned residents from villages and townships local to the proposed logging have recently set up a group to oppose the action by Forestry Tasmania. Our aim is to engage in a unified way with Forestry Tasmania, the public and all interested agencies to promote the value of the West Wellington area and ultimately to ensure its protection for future generations. We are taking a professional approach to the problem and feel it is important to be well informed and to avoid misrepresentations of fact wherever possible. We welcome new members, new ideas and volunteers to help in the huge task ahead of us. CONTACT US.

We are undertaking the following activities (amongst others):

  • Producing a flier for distribution locally & in the Greater Hobart region.
  • Producing posters for display in public areas and retail establishments.
  • Holding open days and field days in or in the vicinity of the coupes.
  • Undertaking informal flora and fauna surveys.
  • Researching the effects of clear-felling on water catchments and the bio-diversity of forest of this type.
  • Developing an alternative use proposal for the West Wellington area.
  • Holding regular discussions with Forestry and all related agencies.
  • Organising fund-raising events.
  • Meeting regularly to discuss strategy.
  • Maintaining an e-mailing list of WWPG supporters and being a hub for ideas and volunteers and information.

If you have expertise in any of these areas, are happy to help in any way you can, might be interested in attending events or just want to be kept informed as to progress, then please CONTACT US.


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